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We will claim your HMRC tax rebate for you

A tax rebate, also known as a tax refund, is a reimbursement from HMRC when you have paid an excess amount of tax. If you incur expenses related to essential work travel or other eligible costs, you can reclaim the tax paid on those expenses as a rebate. At My Rebate, we simplify the process of claiming tax rebates, removing the hassle, stress, and uncertainty. Our expert team prepares your claim, submits it to HMRC, and follows up diligently until your rebate is paid in full.

Could I be owed a tax rebate?

When you personally cover the necessary expenses related to your work, you have the opportunity to reclaim the tax portion of those expenses through an annual tax rebate claim. Some examples of these expenses include:


Using your own vehicle for work travel: If your employer doesn't fully reimburse you, you can claim tax back for the mileage.


Public transport costs: The expenses you incur for tickets can be included in your tax rebate claim.


Food and accommodation expenses: While traveling for work, these essential costs may qualify for a tax rebate.


Repair, replacement, and laundry expenses: Taking care of your uniform, tools, or equipment can make you eligible for a tax refund.


Professional subscriptions, union or license fees: If these costs are necessary for your work, they can be included in your tax rebate claim.


Training course expenses: If you pay for essential training out of your own pocket, you may be entitled to a tax refund.


At My Rebate, we specialise in helping you navigate the tax rebate process and ensure you receive the maximum refund you're entitled to.



Contact us and one of our advisors will confirm whether you qualify for a PAYE Tax Rebate/CIS Tax Return. Once we make sure you qualify for a rebate, we will send you the Client Registration Forms. These are sent to you in an electronic format to enable you enter your information quickly and easily.

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Your money back

In order to process your tax rebate, we require one of the following documents related to your income:


  • P60s for the relevant tax years

  • Latest payslips for each tax year

  • Screenshots of your income and tax paid from your personal tax account


If you are unable to provide any of these documents, simply inform us, and we will request your Employment History from HMRC, which will be sent to your address. Once received, we will only need a picture of it.

Regarding your expenses, you have two options:


  • Provide us with your bank statements, and we will handle the bookkeeping to identify and extract all the work-related expenses, ensuring the maximum claim amount and safeguarding your claim.

  • Fill in our Work-related expense spreadsheet.


As this claim is processed through self-assessment, we will need to register you with HMRC if you don't already have a UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference). This registration will be completed right after you submit the required documentation, and you should have access to our HMRC portal within 2 weeks.

We take care of all the paperwork on behalf of our customers, so you can sit back and relax. Our experienced team handles the entire process, from preparing and submitting the necessary documentation to dealing with any inquiries or follow-ups from HMRC. You can trust us to navigate the complexities of HMRC procedures and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

Your refund is directly deposited into your bank account. At My Rebate, we prioritise the convenience and efficiency of our customers, ensuring that the funds are swiftly and securely transferred to you without any delays or intermediaries. We take pride in providing a seamless experience where you can enjoy the financial benefits of your tax rebate directly in your bank, allowing you to access and utilise the money as needed.

How much am I owed back?

When it comes to tax rebates, it's important to understand that you're claiming back the tax portion of your expenses. For most individuals, this typically amounts to 20% of the expenses incurred for their job. However, higher rate taxpayers may receive a larger rebate due to their higher tax contributions. To get an estimate of how much you could be owed, please contact us.

Is it legal to claim tax refunds?

Absolutely! When you pursue a tax rebate, you're not engaging in any fraudulent or deceitful activity. In fact, tax refunds are an integral part of the tax system, and by not claiming what you're entitled to, you're only depriving yourself. With My Rebate, we handle all the necessary work, alleviate the stress, and minimise the risks involved in getting back the tax you deserve. Rest assured, we always ensure full compliance with tax regulations to safeguard your money and your interests.

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Fun Fact: We have paid over £1M in tax refunds this year!

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